TVs have been around for centuries and they have been a great source of news information and entertainment for many generations. Today, it is still one of the centre pieces in a home. TVs gather a group of people together like a family or guests at a party to watch either sports, news, movies or shows and have a wonderful experience together. TVs have greatly developed over the years. It started with small, boxy, black and white televisions equipped with a few channels and now it has developed into 4K TVs with 4K Ultra HD display with vibrant colours, Smart UI to control with only the user’s voice, built-in connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. The TV industry is now a very large one and with numerous companies producing and selling TVs filled with numerous minute details and technology in each TV, it can be challenging to bring home the right one which is perfectly suitable for the customer's needs. This list provides the companies that produce the best TVs over the years with different unique and special features in TVs of each company for any customer to make an informed decision before investing in a good TV.

1- TCL

With the emergence of smart TVs, TCL decided to get into the market and produced some of the most iconic Android Smart LED TVs in the industry. Their products are AI-enabled and are embedded with the latest Bluetooth connectivity along with a couple of HDMI ports and multiple USB ports. The company’s products also come in the highest resolution which is 4k Ultra HD. The resolution along with its Dolby Audio System provides the ultimate viewing experience. Being a smart TV, it is voice-activated so viewers can have a hands-free navigation experience.

2- Samsung

Samsung is not only one of the best 4k tv manufacturers in India but it has established itself as one of the pioneers in its TV products. The products are well known for their Quantum Dot technology which produces nothing but the best image quality that is super fine revealing every single detail and the perfect contrast giving the viewer the best viewing experience. Images and videos displayed with Samsung TVs are displayed exactly how they were rendered to look. There are no false colours with their TVs. One thing about the Samsung TVs that is great is that they are produced in a wide variety of sizes and rates that would be suitable for any type of customer. Samsung is now manufacturing smart TVs that open up doors to many possibilities like mobile screen mirroring, voice assistance and more.

3- Toshiba:

This company has been around for over 68 years and its time in the TV production market has proven trustworthy in the quality of the products that the company manufactures. Their latest 4k tv comes with built-in surround sound which gives an immersive experience when watching movies or shows. The mobile mirror features allow users to play their favourite mobile games on a larger screen. The company’s TVs are not only great in their technology and functionality but are also very aesthetic with their slim and bezel-less design that can also serve as a décor piece.

4- LG:

LG TVs are no stranger to customers. The company has been manufacturing TVs for decades now, right from boxy heavy monochromatic televisions to the latest, most stylish and technologically advanced smart TVs we know today. The company’s recent LG LED smart TVs project excellent displays for the best viewing pleasure. The audio coming from the TV is crisp and rich for viewers to sink into whatever they are watching. The TV's small bezel and basic yet elegant design blend together to create a harmonious look.

5- AmazonBasics:

AmazonBasics is one of the most innovative companies. With the Amazon shopping website as a source of data, the company was able to analyse the types of products that are frequently bought. From there, every feature of the product like the price, design, technology, etc is examined allowing AmazonBasics to produce products that are an amalgamation of the best features of a particular type of product. The same procedure was carried out for their smart TVs. The best features of the frequently bought TVs were examined and then the AmazonBasics smart TVs were produced and features of these TVs are the best feature of the frequently bought TVs and these features are affordability, voice-assisted, excellent image quality with great sounding speakers.

6- OnePlus:

OnePlus is known for its innovative and stylish smartphones that would even challenge the smartphone industry giants like Apple and Samsung. As the other companies started diversifying into other smart products like TVs, OnePlus naturally followed through. Just like their smartphones, OnePlus produced one of the best smart 4K LED TV with a beautiful minimal design, excellent operating system and beautiful display. The TV features voice-assisted navigation, various viewing modes for various needs, and Dynaudio built-in speakers for an immersive stereo experience that viewers will feel like they are in a movie theatre when watching on the OnePlus TVs.

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7- Panasonic:

Like LG, Panasonic has also been around decades ago producing TVs. Now, the company is still one of the great competitors in the smart TV industry producing some of the best 4K TVs in the market. Panasonic is one of the few smart TV manufacturing companies that incorporate the IPS panel in some of their TVs. This technology is mostly utilised in computer monitors, especially for a good gaming experience and hence, making it suitable for gaming and the TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi for the very purpose of connecting gaming consoles to the TV. The TVs are very aesthetic with sleek and minimal design. Smart TVs also feature preinstalled applications like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

8-  Hisense:

Hisense is one of the leaders in manufacturing smart TVs. Equipped with the best technological features like HDR for enhanced image viewing like none other. The company’s TVs give the best viewing experience with rich and dynamic colours and like most TVs in the market today, Hisense TVs are also smart with a voice-activated assistant.

9- Xiaomi:

Xiaomi, the company that took the budget smartphone section by storm, also produces top-tier quality 4K TVs with ultra HD display, excellent colour range and fine details for great entertainment. The images on display also feature strong contrast and dynamic brightness, with colours portrayed effectively to improve the viewing experience. Zee5, YouTube, Netflix, etc., come preinstalled and other features include Smart Curation, Kids mode, etc.

10- Sony:

Sony is not unfamiliar with image and video viewing quality since they produce all kinds of display-related products like cameras and smartphones hence their 4k TVs also produce the best image quality and they are one of the most iconic TVs among consumers. Sony TVs are equipped with in-built apps, Bass Reflex speakers, etc. Sony’s Motionflow XR is a unique advantage that the company has over smart TVs. This technology makes fast action clips smooth giving an amazing cinematic experience.


With numerous companies competing to sell their TVs, it can be overwhelming to decide to choose the one that fits the customer’s needs and requirements. Many customers are still not used to smart technology and would rather use a remote to control the television. Some customers may be hypersensitive to colours so they may need TVs that are suitable for their requirements. So, it can be difficult to know which TVs are best suited for a customer and hence, the list of the best TV production companies is provided here. Customers can be assured that they can make an informed decision after going through the list as the TVs of a company will have similar features that are signature to that company and the customer will be satisfied with a TV from one of these companies.

FAQs: Smart TV brands

Q. What is the difference between 4K and UHD?

Ans. The only difference between 4K and UHD is their resolution. 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels and UHD is 3840 x 2160 pixels. UHD resolution is slightly less than the resolution of 4k and often, UHD is simply referred to as 4K to avoid confusion. Both 4K and UHD are approximately four times that of the common 1080p resolution found in most computer monitors or lower budget TVs.

Q. Are there any disadvantages of a 4K TV?

Ans. The only downside of owning a 4K TV is the lack of availability of 4K resolution content. Most movies and shows are commonly available at 1080p resolution. Also, 4K resolution consumes large amounts of space so downloading such content will also consume much more data than what is required for downloading content in 1080p resolution.

Q. Will normal HDMI cables work for displaying 4K content?

Ans. Yes, the normal HDMI cables used for displaying 1080p content work for 4K resolution as well. However, to view 4K Ultra HD displays, HDMI will not be able to function and HDMI 2.0 will be required.