Stainless Steel Bolt is a mechanical component consisting of a threaded shaft. These have been used in many industries as well as other applications. Bolts are more or less like screws are related to each other as screws are also mechanical components having threaded shafts. Bots are often inserted through an aligned hole in the two mechanical parts. The main difference between a bolt and a screw depends on the modes of application. A bolt is mainly used with a nut where a bolt is inserted in unthreaded holes of the two mechanical parts and a nut is used to tighten or fastened it by screwing onto the bolt thus clamping the two parts and preventing axial movement. Hex bolt is the most commonly used type of bolt. These are generally graded based on strength and are indicated by a stamp on the head. The bolts in which the raw material for making them is stainless steel are called stainless steel bolts. Many manufacturing units are producing and supplying them not only in India but across the globe. Some of the tops are highlighted in the table below followed by a brief description of each.

Top 10 Top 10 Stainless Steel Bolts Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters in India

  1. Jignesh Steel

  1. Stainless Bolt Industries

  1. Sachiya Steel International

  1. Big Bolt Nut

  1. Goyal Fasteners

  1. S.S. Fasteners Private Limited

  1. Caliber Enterprises

  1. SP Steels

  1. Parshva India Nut Bolts

1. Jignesh Steel

This company is based in Mumbai, India, and was established in 2008. It started as a supplier and trader in the year 2011 it started its manufacturing plant. It was first in Rajkot. The company then started producing Bolts, and Nuts. With this, they have started gaining recognition nationally as well as internationally. They produce bolts and rods which by far are the longest compared to others. Now they are one of the best Stainless Steel Bolts manufacturers in India. It is an Indian-based company. Their bolts and nuts are being used in many flyovers, bridges, and turnkey projects worldwide. An award was even given to the company by MASSMA. This was given to pronounce that they are one of the best exporters of nuts and bolts in India. The company produces top-notch quality products. The products come in a variety of sizes. They are well-certified and the products are under ASTM and many international certifications.

2. Stainless Bolt Industries

This is a well-certified company that is well known in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They have started the company way back in 1982 to become India’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality products such as bolts, screws, Flange, Stainless Steel Hex Bolts, and Nuts. Due to a huge range of products the clients admire this company very much. They provide services to more than 200+ customers worldwide. They are very punctual with the delivery and because of this, they have reached a benchmark of getting themselves into the domestic and global market. This company has had a lot of potential from the beginning and has now become one of the most reliable suppliers of good quality products.

3. Sachiya Steel International

This is also one of the top bolts producing companies in India. They are not only the stainless steel bolts manufacturers but also suppliers and exporters of the finished goods as well. They have exported many of their products globally apart from Indian regions. The quality of their products has earned them certifications like ISO, ASTM, DIN, ASME, JIS, etc.

4. Big Bolt Nut

It is an Indian manufacturing company that deals with supplies and exports as well. This company unlike any other company produces big diameter nuts as well as bolts. They use stainless steel for manufacturing their products. This company is an ISO certified and yields high quality, high tensile products which are usually bigger in diameter. The company is one of the biggest manufacturers and Stainless Steel Bolts dealers and even made it to the global market for projects in the US, Africa, the Middle East, etc. They are well known for bolts manufacturing like stud bolts, hex bolts, nuts, etc. Their applications are mainly in water treatment plants, sewage, and wastewater treatment units, desalination plants, etc.

5. Goyal Fasteners

This company was established in the year 1991 and the company is based in New Delhi, India. The company is renowned for its high-quality products which are the manufacturers’ main goal. Being one of the best Stainless Steel Bolts suppliers, the products supplied and exported by them include Construction Clamps, fasteners, Sanitary items and so on. Their products are manufactured by well-trained and experienced experts utilizing raw materials of extremely superior quality.

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6. S.S. Fasteners Private Limited

Another well-known Indian company is the S S Fasteners Pvt Ltd. This company is built to achieve excellent quality products that will satisfy the consumers and that the products will always be in search. This company started way back in 1988 and is the reputed Stainless Steel Bolts exporters. This company has dedicated employees that are well-trained and because of their teamwork and good management, they can produce top-notch products. The products produced by them are qualified with international standards and are certified under ISO.

7. Caliber Enterprises

This company was established in 2005 but has gained recognition at a tremendous pace.  The company as soon as it got its recognition got engaged not only in manufacturing but also in supplying as well as exporting its finished goods. The goods offered by them include screws, nuts of different types, bolts, etc. The products made by them consist of stainless steel, brass, or copper as raw materials. Being one of the best and reputed stainless steel bolts exporters, their products are known for their excellent features like superior finishing, high corrosion resistance, their indescribable strength which offers a long-lasting lifespan. Their products are always shiny with precise dimensions. With their amazing features, their products are highly demanded mostly in electrical and electronics units, cement and many chemicals industries, paper and pulp industries, and many types of equipment. The clients can easily search for their products and they have a wide variety of products that are according to the standard dimensions or are customized to the requirements of the clients.

8. SP Steels

This company is among the top leading manufacturers, stainless steel bolts suppliers, and exporters in India. This company has attained good certification worldwide. It is a private company and with the hard work and dedication of the whole team, the company has been able to reach a recognizable platform not just nationally but internationally. The products made are either copper-based or aluminum-based or brass-based depending on the raw materials used. Their products are very much in demand because of their quality and reasonable prices. The company makes sure that the ordered products are delivered on satisfying the needs of the clients.

9. Parshva India Nut Bolts

This is another Indian leading stainless steel bolts dealers company that dominates the bolts manufacturing sector. This company also supplies its finished products and serves clients with world-class quality industrial products. It was established recently in 2013 but has risen to fame quite fast as the company has a very good relationship with its clients domestically as well as internationally. The products that are widely in demand are bolts and nuts, washers, and so on. It has gained powerful trust from its clients for its consistent production of high-quality products with corrosion resistance, anti-abrasive construction, and temperature resistance quality. The products have high durability with good performance and a long lifespan.

10. KOVA Fasteners Pvt Ltd.

This company has served as a manufacturing unit for more than a decade. It has a lot of experience in the market. Its first name was Rishi International and then got changed to KOVA Fasteners Pvt Lt.  It is one of the leading manufacturers, and serves as a supplier and exporter as well. Due to its superior quality products, it has gained recognition across the globe with good accreditations. They test their products in their manufacturing facilities to check for product quality and performance before making them available in the market.


To summarize, the above are the different stainless-steel bolts manufacturing companies that are Indian-based but have good recognition in the global markets. This company provides good-quality products and high-performance products that have attained many certifications per international standards.

FAQs: Stainless Steel Bolts

Q. What is the main difference between Bolts and screws?

Ans: Bolts and screws are different from each other based on the applications. Bolts are used with nuts where a bolt is inserted into a hole that is not threaded and tightened with a nut from the other end while a screw is used in threaded holes.

Q. What are the main steps involved in making a bolt?

Ans: The main steps involved are

  1. Cold forging: This is the first step where the stainless steel is molded into a required shape and this takes place normally at room temperature.
  2. Bolt head: This next step involves making the bolt head which involves forcing the steel into different dies at elevated pressure.
  3. Threading: The third step involves rolling as well as cutting
  4. Thermal treatment: The fourth step involves exposing the bolt to extremely high heat for the hardening of the steel.

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