Making new memories with your children, squeezing their extremely soft cheeks, and, of course, putting them up in lovely costumes, are the most thrilling aspects of parenthood. Whenever it comes to children's apparel, the most important consideration is comfort. You want kids to look lovely, but you also need to look after their skin. It's critical to use clothes that won't irritate their delicate skin and that they can snuggle up in. When you're shopping for baby clothes online, continue reading for a selection of the top children's clothing in India.

What kind of clothes should your kids wear?

A child's comfort is extremely important to the parent, therefore this article has been compiled after conducting extensive research before compiling a list. Clothing for children might cost anywhere from Rs 350 to even Rs 14,999, depending on factors such as how much you're able to spend. Looking at some options of what kind of clothes you would want your kid to wear, there are some really good options out there. You would just need to understand the different classifications and whatnot before setting out to go and get apparel for your kids. A parent would want their children to be as comfortable as possible in whatever it is they are wearing. Cotton and fleece fabrics are ideal for children since they are super lightweight. For special occasions, you can also try denim, polyester, and corduroy to make the youngsters look attractive.

Kids clothing design prints

In terms of design prints, you can go from simple to bold, depending on your children's preferences. If you don't like to experiment too much with different styles, picking neutral colours for your kids can be a terrific option. Parents can also go for unique prints to give their kids' outfits a little glitz. Try to buy your children's clothes from a reputable brand because they will last for more than local brands. The outfits should be simple to care for and retain their vibrancy after several washes. According to many kids wear online parent shoppers, the majority of the clothes on this list have excellent evaluations.

Kids Wear Manufacturers in India

Let’s look at some of the best kids wear manufacturers in India:

  • LILLIPUT: This is a fantastic Indian children's clothing brand. Sanjeev Narula created it in 2003, and it has a strong presence in the Indian sector. Lilliput’s headquarters are in Delhi, and it operates across hundreds of locations around the country. There are some very striking features if you take on Lilliput’s baby girl dresses. Cotton is used exclusively in their products. It also has a vibrant floral design on the whole. The floral print appears to be quite cute. These specific products have round collars and sleeveless designs. To avoid chafing, the lining is soft and comfortable. It also has a back closure with buttons. Any product from Lilliput is made for optimal comfort and they choose a soft and cuddly fabric.
  • MAX: This clothing brand is a well-known apparel company with Emirati roots that has built a name for itself in the country. It was first introduced in Abu Dhabi in 2004 and made its debut in India in the year of 2006. The organisation has a large consumer base in the Asian continent and also attracts interest from other countries like Africa. the most commonly used fabric is cotton to make their baby girl regular t-shirt products. It's also available in several shades and sleeve styles. There is a floral print with lovely wording on it. The fitting on their baby girl t-shirt products is consistent. They use materials that are both light and comfy when it comes to their products. Max’s clothes are designed in a way for it to is simple to wear.
  • GINI & JONY: This clothing manufacturer and seller is a well-known children's clothing business with an Indian heritage. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, and it was formed in 1980 by Anil Lakhani, Prakash Lakhani, and Jay Lakhani. The company has multiple locations across the country and is a well-known brand. Taking one of their main products, Gini & Jony Knitwear Dress, the main material used here is Cotton, to ensure maximum comfort. The design of this item is sleeveless. The upper features floral needlework for added elegance and cuteness. It also has a round neckline and is white. Gini & Jony’s products are extremely light and airy. One of their specialities is their needlework which is super adorable. Their products also have button closure for ease of use.
  • GAP: This is one of the most well-known clothing brands in the world, and it is based in the United States. Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher established the business in 1969. GAP has its headquarters in San Francisco, and its existing customer base spans all around the globe. GAP is a brand that never sacrifices product quality, particularly when it comes to children's clothing. Taking their adorable PJ set as an example to show the company’s specialities, the product is made of fine organic cotton and features multicoloured hearts throughout. It includes a silky elastic waistband that keeps the pyjamas in place all day and while snoozing. Gap’s kid’s wear products are made of organic cotton and are kind to a baby's skin while still being environmentally friendly. The stretchy waistband will keep you from slipping.
  • MOTHERCARE: This clothing company was established in Watford, and is a renowned infant and expecting mother care brand. In 1961, James Goldsmith and Selim Zilkha are behind the establishment of this British trademark. Their brand has several retail locations around the world and is also listed on the Stock Exchange of London. Taking their most consumed kid's product, which would be the pyjama set as an analogy, this product is made of lightweight, ultra-soft cotton and is ideal for your baby boy who enjoys being comfy while also looking stylish. The colour scheme of blue and black is lovely, and it's perfect for your young one's casual outings. Mothercare’s pyjama also has an elastic waist closure for a secure fit. Mothercare also produces items for its customers which are made out of fabric that is extremely gentle on a baby's skin. The infant is kept comfortable with a drawstring belt.
  • CUCUMBER: This kid’s wear company was launched in 2002, and is one of the leading Kids Clothing Brands in India. Dora, a renowned innerwear brand in India, owns the company. Krishnan Kumar created the company, which is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Cucumber baby girl clothing set is taken to give you, the parents an idea as to why they are special in what they do. Their baby girl clothing set includes pyjamas and t-shirts that will make your little girl seem very adorable. This set, which is made of soft cotton, is also a wonderful birthday present for your family or friends' children. The lovely red with white polka dots all around is really lovely, and your child will be quite happy wearing it. Cucumber has kid’s clothing which is made of cotton fabric that is soft and comfy. Their products are also easy to alter thanks to the elastic waist.
  • LUVLAP: Agaro owns this company, which is a renowned baby care business. The brand focuses on integrating the greatest technology and style to create goods that are appropriate for your children. The firm sells everything from infant care to cleanliness to outdoor and indoor apparel to feeding and nursing supplies. Taking the Luvlap Baby Caps, Booties and Mittens Set, a bright collection of baby hats, mittens, and booties are ideal for keeping your baby warm and comfortable during the winter months. Every one of the components is made of a very soft piece of cotton that is both protective and light. The elasticity is gentle on your baby's skin and does not cause any discomfort. Luvlap’s products are for the baby and help to relax in comfort because of the cotton's pillow softness. It's easy to wash one pair while using the other. Their products, booties and mittens have good elasticity.


Kids ethnic wear and other similar clothing trends have been prevalent in the country for a long time. Parents need to make sure of choosing the best and most comfortable clothing for their kids.

FAQs: Kids Clothing

Q. Is Baby Hug a brand from India?

Ans. Babyhug is indeed an Indian brand.

Q. What should a baby wear when he or she is born?

Ans. Clothing should be comfortable, pleasant, and easy to care for. Tops with open necks are easier to fit over your child's head, as are elastic jumpsuits that attach to the front. Jumpsuits featuring zippers can also make dressing your baby a breeze. Cotton-based clothing is a fantastic option.