The contributions of many economic sectors are the reason why nations' economies are expanding at such a quick rate. The food products industry is one area of the Indian economy that makes a substantial contribution. Many businesses are forging a significant footprint in the industry. You may get a good indication of the greatest businesses in India by looking at the top food product firms in India. Here is a list that will help you learn more about the different food product manufacturers on the list, their history, and their areas of expertise.

Parle Agro

This company is an Indian corporation that owns brands including Coca-Cola, Bailey, Appy, and Frooti. Originally controlled by the Chauhan family, the business was eventually separated into the Parle Argo, Parle Bisleri, and Parle Products divisions. With food products including Grappo Fizz, Café Cuba, and Frooti, it is one of the biggest earning businesses in India with an annual sales of $431 million. Beverages such as Fizz, LMN, and several more are among this company's further offerings.

Nestle India

This company has its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, and is the biggest food products manufacturer both globally and in India. The yearly sales of Nestlé, which include well-known brands including, Nescafe, Polo Milky Bar, KitKat, Maggi, and many more, exceed US$ 1.1 billion. It offers a large selection of items, including infant food, cereals for the morning, tea and coffee, and a variety of confections, among others.


This company is one of the most well-known brands dominating the Indian food industry. It was founded in Gujarat in 1948. It is the biggest seller of milk products and milk in the world and is owned by 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat. Producing paneer, ice cream, butter, UHT milk, bread spreads, milk, and many more products, Amul is one of the most well-known and well-liked companies in the nation with an annual turnover of up to US$280 billion.

Britannia Industries Limited

This 126-year-old business is focused on producing and marketing dairy goods, bread, cakes, and biscuits. With net revenue of US$120 million and goods including Cheese, Jim Jam, Little Hearts, Nutri Choice, Good Day, Milk Bikis, and many more, Britannia is one of the most well-known brands in India.

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MTR Foods

The first restaurant from this company opened its doors in Bangalore in 1924, which is where the firm got its start. The firm has grown its business over the years by providing a variety of ready-to-eat organic food products like gravies, frozen foods, ice cream, instant mixes, spices, pickles, papads, and milk beverages. MTR Foods generated a total of $8.9 million in revenue in 2017 thanks to its cooperation with the Norwegian corporation Orkla, making it a fierce competitor in the industry.


It exports significant quantities of frozen veggies, bread, quick snacks, and curries in addition to being India's second-largest ice cream producer after Amul. Vadilal produces ice cream in over 150 varieties and has a yearly revenue of 4.5 billion. It is demonstrating that its linkages with the western nations in terms of trade and socioeconomic relations are strengthened by the export of its processed food to areas like the USA and Western Europe.

KRBL Limited

Given that rice is a basic food in India, this food products manufacturer, the biggest rice miller and exporter of basmati rice, is the corporation that comes to mind when thinking about basmati rice. The business, which has annual revenue of around US$ 3.3 million, sells rice to countries and areas including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, and the USA. So, if you're unsure which brand of rice to buy the next time you're in the rice aisle, let this article guide your decision.


One of the largest manufacturers of Indian sweets and snacks is this company which has its headquarters in Nagpur, Maharashtra. All around the globe, including Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Canada, the USA, the UK, and many others, it exports its goods. The business, which sells more than 100 goods including frozen dinners, ice cream, chips, cookies, candies, and other snacks, has annual revenue of $590 million USD. Along with selling packaged food, Haldiram's is a chain of eateries that is well-known across the country.

Hindustan Unilever

This company, a Mumbai-based affiliate of the British-Dutch business Unilever, manufactures a wide range of organic food products, including drinks. The food items are things like Annapurna Salt and Atta, Knorr Soup, Bru Coffee, Lipton Tea, and Moodles. HUL is one of India's biggest consumer products and food companies, with annual sales of $4.8 billion.

Mother Dairy

This company produces and markets dairy products, pickles, jams, yoghurts, juices, frozen vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits, edible oils, and other items. The business is based in Uttar Pradesh and exports goods to 40 nations, including the USA, Russia, the Middle East, and others. The business also owns an oil brand by the name of "Dhara" and generates an estimated 970 million dollars in revenue annually.


In 1935, the food products supplier was essentially launched for the British immigrants; in 1950, Late Vittal Malya took control of the business. The company gradually established itself as the nation's first vegetable and fruit brand throughout the years by introducing baked beans, fruits and vegetables in cans, and other products. Its goods include a variety of ketchup, squashes, and jams, and its yearly sales in India may reach $1 billion.


The global Canadian corporation is the biggest producer of frozen potatoes in the world and has a sizable market in India. The company's sales in the last year have topped US$150 million with its processing facility in Mehsana, Gujarat. According to Indian taste preferences, its goods include tater tots, chilli potatoes, smiles, French fries, etc. All around the nation, people of all ages like the company's goods.

Pepsico India

It is a multinational American business with a focus on producing and marketing foods, drinks, and snacks. The firm generates over $1 billion in yearly revenue and sells a wide range of ready-to-eat food products, including Mirinda, Quaker Foods, Lay's, Doritos, Pepsi, and many more. The business has gained a great deal of notoriety over the years and has a dominant standing in the Indian cuisine industry.

Godrej Beverages and Foods Limited

One of the most well-known manufacturers of processed foods in India is GBF, which specialises in prepared foods, sweets, and branded teas. Its brands include Sofit and Jumpin. The well-known Hershey's brand is also one of this company's sub-brands.

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Hatsun Argo

This company produces foods that are suitable for both eating and cooking, such as paneer, ghee, milk powder, and milk. Additionally, the business exports its goods to 38 other nations, mostly to the American, South Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. With an estimated 384 crores in yearly revenue, it is a significant contributor to the national economy.

Kwality Dairy India Limited

In India, the business focuses on the handling and processing of dairy products. It produces several different kinds of dairy products, such as butter, ghee, cheese, curd, yoghurt, and milk. With its headquarters in Kolkata, Kwality Dairy earned a total of 164 crores in revenue last year.


Due to the fact that it has created a variety of healthy goods as opposed to the harmful ones already on the market, this Indian food products supplier has attracted a lot of interest in the commercial sector, including the food industry. The firm launched several food items, including atta, biscuits, sweets, rice, and many more, as its yearly revenue increased from 317 crores in 2011 to 25000 crores in 2017.

Heritage Foods Limited

One of the major dairy companies in the subcontinent was founded in 1992. The business has connections with a number of states, including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Delhi. Dairy goods like buttermilk, ice cream, curd, milk, etc. are examples of heritage foods.


The biggest food processing businesses in India have a large economic impact. The economy expands whenever a business launches new goods. The economy benefits when a home nation develops and extends its branches to other nations. You often encounter a lot of items from India's top food manufacturing firms. You consume dairy products on a daily basis, and they are produced by a lot of businesses. WE hope this post has given you some insight into the best food product manufacturers in India.

FAQs: Food Products

Q. Which sector of India's food products business is the best?

Ans. The top 20 food processing businesses in India are mentioned below. Hindustan Unilever, Vadilal, Mother Dairy, Britannia, Arle, Amul, and many more brands are among the most well-known.

Q. Which are India's top 5 food manufacturers?

Ans. Britannia, Parle, Vadilal, Hindustan Unilever, and Amul are the biggest food corporations in India.

Q. Which Indian food processing industry is the most lucrative?

Ans. Among the most lucrative food processing industries in India are those that produce ready-to-eat food products, chocolate, biscuits, snacks, and baked goods.

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