Diwali, also called as Deepawali, is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Known as the ‘festival of lights’ Diwali is celebrated across the nation with a lot of joy and pomp. Diwali is a celebration of joy, light, and love. Giving Diwali gifts is a beloved and significant Diwali custom. It is important to know why Diwali holds such an important place in our hearts. For this, we must revisit our mythology book of Ramayana. Diwali celebrates the return of Lord Ram to his kingdom in Ayodhaya, after defeating Ravana in Lanka. It is celebrated as the victory of Good over Evil, of Light over Darkness and Happiness over Gloom. When Lord Ram returned to his kingdom, the people in his kingdom celebrated that by lighting oil lamps all over the kingdom and celebrating with sweets and gifts. This tradition has been kept alive by every Indian, who ensure that the Diwali festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm.

As Diwali is a much-celebrated festival, there are many gifts already available for one to go out and purchase. They come in packaged Diwali gift sets and can be bought either online or offline. However, lets make this Diwali different and put some thought process before selecting a gift for your loved ones. Here are the top twenty gifts that you should consider giving to your family and friends, to make sure that this Diwali is etched in their memory for the rest of their lives.

Green Crackers:

Crackers form an integral part of our Diwali celebrations. However, the traditional crackers come with their own environmental issues. The crackers tend to be a major source of pollution, both air and noise. Why not think differently and gift environment friendly crackers to your loved ones? These crackers are low in pollution and readily available. You can visit any merchandise store to buy these Diwali gifts online and choose your selection of green crackers.

Dinner Set:

No Diwali can be complete without a sumptuous dinner or lunch. Every household prepares mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, such as poori, chola, kheer, dahi Vada etc, and all family and friends are invited. How about gifting a fine dining set to your friends? Not only does eating together foster happier relationships, but a fine bone china dining set would cement your relationship with friends forever.

Electric Heating Pad:

Now, this suggestion might have raised some eyebrows, because nobody likes to discuss medical problems during Diwali. However, in our friends and family circle, there are always those elderly parents or grandparents, loved by one and all. Winters are excruciating months for them, because of painful joints and extreme cold. An electric warmer or a heating pad would be a rather different, but a thoughtful gift for such parents or grandparents. What’s more? Rest assured, in the freezing months of December and January, you will receive plenty of blessings from them. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing?

Toiletry Travel Kit:

We all know how busy a lifestyle we all lead. Constantly traveling from one city to another, staying in hotels while awaiting an important meeting, or simply going on a vacation. A couple toiletry traveling kit would be a brilliant gift for those friends who are always on the move.

Scented Bee Wax Candles:

Diwali is a festival of lights, and what better a gift other than a gift set of scented wax candles. These candles come in various shapes and sizes and offer the perfect solution to some mood lighting. This would be a perfect gift for a friend who wishes to propose to someone special.

Customized Pens:

While gifting pens is considered old school, but wait! How about gifting a customized pen to your friends? There are many companies that can customize the pen patterns and engrave your friends or family members’ names on the pen cap. Why not gift them this thoughtful gift?

Make up travel kit:

Now we all have a friend or a mother or a sister who simply cannot go without makeup. A make-up travel kit offered by companies such as MyGlam or Plum would be a wonderful addition to their handbags.

Assorted Tea Bag Gift Set:

Who amongst us does not like to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea? Our choices and flavours might differ, but drinking tea is one unifying factor amongst all Indians. Many tea companies such as Duncan, Brooke Bond, Tetley etc offer gift boxes containing an assorted range of teas. A wonderful gift for those who simply cannot do without their tea!

Posters with Inspirational Quotes:

Haven’t we been through a phase in life when we need some motivation to keep the fire inside us, alive? An inspirational quote is always an uplifting read, so how about gifting a framed inspirational quote to those who look up to you for solace? There is a choice of varied quotes to select from, so make your decision wisely.

Gourmet Assorted Snacks Gift Set:

Now this one is for those who love to keep munching! Gift them a hamper containing an assorted collected of gourmet snacks, and see the wide smile on their faces, every time they open a new packet.

Nicotine Chewing Gums:

Another gift idea that must have raised eyebrows. Smoking is one of the major sources of lung cancer, and having a loved one who is addicted to it, is always a reason to be worried. Gift them Nicotine chewing gums, to show that you are standing steadfast with them, in their journey to kick the butt.

Spa & Massages:

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Massages are an amazing way for you to pamper yourself with the much needed care you deserve. Gifting your loved ones a massage or a spa session would be an amazing gift for them. Don’t think, just gift!


The world is flooded with designer handbags, capable enough to burn a giant hole in your pocket. The Indian handbag, is a simple Jhola. With many small enterprises having emerged that make seriously beautiful Indian handbags, its time you should consider gifting one of these to your family members. These handbags are eloquently designed and always reflect our traditional cultures.

Family Painting:

Now this one is only for family. We all live busy lives and are often away from home while our parents dwell alone, somewhere far away. A hand painted family portrait, would be an amazing gift for your parents.

Wooden Whole Spice Box:

There are many amongst us, who pride ourselves on your culinary skills. For any Indian cuisine, the whole spices are essential. Gift them a hard wood whole spice container box, and they will remember you every time they cook something delicious.

Customized T-shirts:

Gifting a customized t shirt with your own design would surely be loved and appreciated by your friends. Think of something quirky or some memory, and have it embossed on the t-shirt!

Chip and Dip Platter Set:

The porcelain chip and dip dish is one of the unusual gift suggestions for Diwali in light of this concept. The chip and dip plate may be really useful when binge-watching TV episodes or movies with the whole family on this special occasion.

Flower Seeds:

There must be a gardener in your family who prides themselves on their flower collection. How about gifting them an exotic flower seeds for them to grow in their garden?

Handmade Soaps:

Who said personal care items can't be a thoughtful gift? Well, toiletries that exude elegance and have a memorable scent can increase your loved ones' appreciation of your present. The handmade cold process scented soap is unique and manufactured with the intention of being given as a gift. One of the most amazing and original Diwali gift ideas to make your present stand out is this.

Essential Oil Gift Set:

Essential oils such as Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine etc are always one beautiful way of sharing your love for your family and friends.


The countdown to our favourite festival of lights has started, and we can sense your enthusiasm and commitment as you prepare to buy presents for your loved ones and co-workers. Diwali is more than just a holiday; it's also a time to show our neighbours and friends respect and express our thanks. The article helps you select from a list of beautiful and well thought Diwali gift ideas to surprise your loved ones. While boxes of chocolates and mithais are still common choices, this Diwali, surprise your loved ones with eco-friendly Diwali presents that are sure to warm their hearts.

FAQs: Diwali gift packs

Q. Is it tradition to give Diwali gift packs?

Ans: Yes, it is a tradition to do so. Earlier only sweets were gifted, but you can explore this article for more ideas.

Q. What gift should I give to my parents on Diwali?

Ans: You can use the list of ideas above to make your selection.

Q. What is the best Diwali gift to give?

Ans: The best Diwali gift would be to bring a smile on the faces of the needy. Think about it.

Q. What are some suggestions for Diwali gifts for customers?

Ans: Some suggestions for Diwali gifts for customers include assorted tea bag gift set, family paintings, teabags, etc.

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