A kitchen chimney is an essential item of every modern-day kitchen, and its purpose is to draw away the smoke and other odours during cooking, from the kitchen to the outside. When one looks at the evolution of a kitchen space, then the kitchen chimney enjoys a very respectable place in the entire set up. Let us examine how important the kitchen chimney has been.

The concept of cooking, in the olden days involved the use of wood fire. There were earthen clay stoves, on which the utensils were placed for cooking. However, the biggest problem with such kinds of fuels (wood, coal, straw, cow dung cakes etc) was the enormous amount of smoke generated. This obviously led to the kitchen being a suffocating space, and many respiratory diseases were associated with it. Thus, man invented new designs of a stove to channel smoke away from the kitchen area, into the atmosphere. A rocket stove etc were all classic examples of how a tall chimney pipe was added to the stove to remove smoke. Modern cooking uses cleaner fuels such as LPG or CNG for cooking, but this does not mitigate the need for a chimney.

Indian cooking uses a lot of oil, spices and other ingredients. Indian cuisine is renowned for its aroma and taste. However, during the cooking process, one cannot allow the fumes of oil, and vapours of steam and spices to remain hanging in the kitchen area. As soon as the vapours cool, they will stick to the walls of the kitchen, making it dirty. A kitchen chimney will ensure that the kitchen will stay organised and clean. Therefore, one should install the best kitchen chimney based on their budget.  It offers a lasting solution for oil, grease and smoke in the kitchen.  There are several applications for kitchen chimneys. Additionally, it enhances the appearance of your home and lets fresh air into the space.

The working of every kitchen chimney is relatively straightforward. During the cooking process, soot and grease droplets are pulled into the vent. It is possible to buy a ducted or ductless type. These two systems function somewhat differently from one another. A sophisticated ducting system, a hood, a motor, filters, hoses, and PVC pipes make up a ducted model. Appropriate plumbing is needed in order to install the vents outdoors and integrate them into the concrete. It is often positioned immediately above the stove to provide optimal ventilation. In contrast to ducted models, which contain ducts, ductless models include an extra carbon filter. The main filter is the first stop for the contaminated air, and it eliminates the oil droplets. After that, the air is put through a carbon filter to get rid of dampness, fumes, and smells. The hood's main contribution to maintaining a cool environment in the kitchen is to remove hot air and steam from cooking appliances. This prevents the cook's face from being splashed by the steam. The kitchen chimney price depends on the brand and the functionality. Generally, the price of a chimney starts around 10,000 rupees for a reputed brand product.

As cooking is an essential part of everyday life, therefore, there are many manufacturers who have tapped into this business of kitchen chimney manufacture. Below are the top 11 manufacturers of kitchen chimney. Many of them are world reputed brands, however, the list also includes affordable, and yet top-class chimneys from relatively unknown manufacturers.

1. S.A.G Engineering:

In business since 2009, "S.A.G. Engineering Products" manufacturers, distributes, and trades a wide selection of kitchen and medical equipment. This given range, which is created by using the highest-grade stainless steel necessary, complies with the standards set by the industry and the current market trends. Additionally, in order to meet the expanding needs of their customers, they have established an advanced infrastructure setup in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). This setup, which spans a sizeable region, is divided into many sections including production, designing, R & D, and warehousing. Their products are excellent in quality and affordable in price.

2. LMG Home Appliances:

They own the brand Absopure. One of the top manufacturers of kitchen hobs, gas stoves, kitchen chimneys, etc. is LMG Home Appliances. They are a reliable company that works tirelessly to provide only the highest calibre items to our esteemed clients at fair prices. Numerous factors, such as their extensive distribution network, large inventory, timely delivery, client-centric attitude, ethical business practices, and reasonable pricing range, have helped us take the lead in this industry. Their kitchen chimney range starts from price of 3500/- and above and yet offers exceptional build quality.

3. Elisa Home Appliances:

Elisa Home Appliances Private Limited was founded in 2018 and produces a variety of kitchen appliances, including gas stoves and chimneys. These items are made using premium-grade raw materials. They supply these things within the specified time limit and at fair prices. Well crafted and budget friendly chimneys are manufactured by them.

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4. Elica Kitchen Chimney:

Elica is a reputable chimney brand with cutting-edge technology and fashionable features. The goofy décor is complemented by the chimney's style, which makes the kitchen seem better. It is an addition to your kitchen that you just must have because of its many uses. This chimney runs softly and with minimal energy. The conventional dimensions of the Elica chimney are suitable for all types of Indian kitchens. Built for ease of usage, the LED display and touch screen in the chimney. They often feature materials like steel or glass. It offers features like Touch Control, Touch Control, Auto Clean. The chimneys are fashionable, slick and has self cleaning option.

5. Eurodomo kitchen chimney:

This is another popular manufacturer, and their chimneys are typically glass material made. The gadget offers touch control, auto clean, and a working voltage of 180 watts. It has a curved glass body and works with a 2-4 burner stove. Indian cooking is suitable for the built-in baffle filter of the chimney. They offer wall mount chimneys.

6. Faber Chimneys:

The kitchen chimney that is most sought after in India is Faber. They are well known for being India's leading chimney producers. The Faber kitchen chimney has improved suction power and reduces noise and dirt in the kitchen. When cooking with a suction capacity of 1500 m3/hour, you may forget about gases and odours. After the chimney, your kitchen will have a fresh scent. As a result of the greater oil and spice content of Indian food, Faber chimneys are constructed with three layer baffle filters to efficiently collect grease and oil.

7. Whirlpool:

This is typically available in the size of 2 feet x 1.75 x 1.75 feet, and has a very low noise. It has a suction capacity of 1100 cubic metres per hour and is suited for a 4 burner stove. The brand is very popular and the product comes in glass material. It is easy to set up and it is movable.

8. Inalsa kitchen chimney:  

The Inalsa gas wall-mounted kitchen chimney has a curved glass top and is highly fashionable. With this contemporary chimney, your kitchen will seem distinct. The best aspect of the design is the chimney hood, which boosts the chimney's effectiveness. The Inalsa Chimney, which also keeps debris out of the kitchen, allows for dust-free cooking. Two LED lights are within, providing you with more than enough light for cooking. Additionally, it has an automatic cleaning mechanism that cleans the chimney and empties the oil collection of all the debris.

9. V-Guard Kitchen Chimneys:

This is another popular manufacturer of kitchen chimneys. Their products are polished aluminium based and they give your kitchen design a fresh appearance and goes well with the Indian style. The 1200 CFM suction power of their kitchen chimney makes it one of the best manufacturers. Its standard proportions suit the majority of the kitchens.

10. Kaff Chimneys:

It was another earliest entrant into the field of kitchen chimneys. They manufacture chimneys with very low levels of noise and offer single or double baffles. It is ideally suited for 4 burner stoves and ideal for every Indian kitchen. All their chimneys are inbuilt with excellent features like auto clean, fan control, LED lights. They primarily make their products using stainless steel.

11. GLEN Chimneys:

They are renowned for their chimneys in the low suction range of about 1050 CMH. They come loaded with features of motion sensor, touch control and auto clean. They do not require a lot of maintenance and are ideally suited for a medium sized kitchen.


There are several chimneys for Indian kitchens on the market. Depending on your demands, you may make your choice. However, there are several factors to take into consideration when buying a chimney for a kitchen. When buying an Indian kitchen chimney, it's important to take the size of the kitchen, the installation area, and the kind of chimney into account. Additionally, chimneys are available in a vast array of styles and price ranges. Choose a chimney based on your budget. However, it is advisable to only choose suitable chimneys from high-quality firms for safer and healthier cooking.

FAQs: Kitchen Chimney

Q. Which type of chimney is best for the kitchen?

Ans. The best type of kitchen chimney are the ones with a filer and having an auto-clean function.

Q. Which brand of chimney is best?

Ans. The article lists the top best manufacturers of kitchen chimneys in India. Depending on your price budget, you can visit their online websites and select the best one suited for you. Faber, Glen, Kaff, Kuchina etc are known for their quality and are regarded to produce the best kitchen chimney in India.

Q. Which kitchen chimney is used?

Ans. Kitchen chimney is made up of either stainless steel or glass. It is better to use the one which has features like Auto Clean, Motion Sensor, LED lights, Speed Control of Exhaust Fan.

Q. Is a kitchen chimney necessary?

Ans. In a modern kitchen, a kitchen chimney is definitely a requirement for a healthy life.

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