Wooden toy manufacturing has been a niche in the toy industry and caters to a specific set of consumers looking for a curated product. In India especially, there are very few toy manufacturers who are also wooden toy manufacturers and this presents others with an opportunity to grab market share from this niche section of the market. Since the wooden toy manufacturers are localised, they normally cater to the local market and serve local demands.

Wooden toys can serve a purpose in a child’s growth fuelling imagination and creativity in them. They are also more environmentally friendly as compared to plastic toys which are non-biodegradable in most cases. Another factor which makes wooden toys more appealing is safety. Wood is always a safer alternative to plastic or metal as children often put them in their mouth and metal and plastic toys are often chemically treated. Also, another factor which makes wooden toys better is that it's more durable, and reliable and you can get a good value during their lifespan.

Wooden educational toys are therefore creating a lot of demand in the country and due to their various benefits will only become more appealing in the long run.

Let’s look at some of the wooden toy manufacturers in the country:

1. Maya Organic

Fairkraft Creations, formerly Maya Organic, is a well-known wooden toys manufacturer in India. They market their products online. Bangalore serves as both the company's headquarters and the location of its manufacturing facilities. Rattles, board games, push-and-pull toys, stackers, puzzles, and other wooden toys are among the available goods. They also sell pen stands, wooden vases, and other home and workplace design products. The company is especially known for its finish work on the products and their paintwork.

2. Skola Toys

Skola Toys mainly deals in wooden educational toys and has been in the market for almost 25 years. Their main aim and philosophy behind toy manufacturing are to nurture and develop young minds. Skola Toys is based out of Bengaluru in Karnataka and since it promotes educational toys, its category includes environment, numbers, cognition, dexterity, language and so on. They are one of the oldest wooden toy manufacturers in India.

3. Shumee Toys

Another company makes wooden toys in Bangalore. They concentrate on selling and promoting wooden toys. This brand concentrates on larger, more expensive wooden toys and designs. Therefore, this brand is the ideal choice for high-quality wooden toys for playroom or nursery needs. All their toys are made in India by local craftsmen and promote eco-friendliness and sustainability as one of the organisation's mottos.

4. Skillofun

This is a Gurgaon-based company which is known as Vayu Distributors Private Limited. They sell wooden toys in India. They sell wooden toys for language, shapes, hand-eye coordination, conceptual learning, building, and other skill development. They also sell toys for pets and are featured in separate areas.

5. Brainsmith

This Mumbai-based wooden toy firm sells expensive, high-quality wooden toys. Both official storefronts and online retailers sell their products. This brand was established in 2016 and offers a range of designs and products. The company aims to produce early learning material for children in the form of wooden toys. Their product range includes storybooks, flashcards, kids' nurseries and wooden toys. The mission of the company is to make the early years of a child count.

6. Little Genius

Little Genius, which began with just two wooden toys for children, has expanded to become one of India's leading wholesalers and exporters of wooden toys. Toys are manufactured and operated by Little Genius Toys Private Limited in New Delhi and Noida.

The primary draw of Little Genius is their extensive selection of wooden toys and they are reasonably priced for regular folks. Alphabets, shapes, games, building blocks, toys that fit within trays, learning activities, magnetic toys for the wall, etc. are some of the kinds they deal in. They sell, distribute, and export their toys to several countries across the world.

7. Etikoppaka

This is a small company in Andhra Pradesh that produces wooden toys. The village with the same name, Etikoppaka, is home to a large number of small companies. Their offerings are largely centred on conventional wooden toys made with conventional techniques.

The fact that these toys have a lacquer covering is one of their fascinating features. Natural dyes made from seeds, lacquer, bark, roots, and leaves are used to colour them.

8. Playbug

Playbug toys are designed in a way focusing on creativity and spontaneous development. The company uses natural wood for all its product and promote eco-friendliness, safety and chemical-toxic-free toys. The company has also started focusing on wooden educational toys to promote playful learning in children.

9. Woodbee Toys

Woodbee toys is a new player in the market that has set up shop in 2020 among mothers of a household. The company started focusing on wooden toys for education soon after its inception. The company started recognition from Instagram and soon within a year had expanded to 45 products. The toys of the company are certified non-toxic and all of them meet several industry standards. The company believes in open-ended philosophy and is expanding to various categories rapidly. There are also open-ended toys which promote creative thinking in kids. They don’t come with instructions and kids will get to decide how they want to play it with.

10. Funskool

Funskool is one of the oldest toy manufacturing companies in India, founded in 1986 and since then has set up more than 4500 retail shops in the country. The company has a large product portfolio and wooden toys have also been recently added to it. The company has 3 technology-driven manufacturing facilities in the country with the largest of them in Goa having a space of 1,50,000 sq. Ft. At the forefront of Funskool’s policy are the pillars of quality and safety. Funskool is known for constantly innovating and meeting the demand of the customers. They also have tie-up with brands such as Walt Disney, Tomy, Ravensburger, and Engino among others.

Why Are Wooden Toys Preferable?

  • Wooden toys though may feel premium to you given the advantages, customizability and usability, but are very cheap when you compared the lifespan. Plastic can often break easily or wear off pretty soon, but on the other hand, wooden toys are long-lasting and survive 10-20 years more than normal toys. Therefore, it means that these toys can be used between generations. Also, these educational wooden toys or normal wooden toys don't need any electric components or batteries in most cases and therefore are also cheaper to maintain. Therefore, though you may have to pay a bit more in the present, in the long run, it saves you a lot of money.
  • Also, wooden toys feel very premium to touch and most plastic toys feel gimmicky and cheap as compared to wooden ones. As wooden toys grow, they have associated feelings that make you feel nostalgic which increases the recall value for the product even when it’s passed between generations.
  • Wooden educational toys are known to promote educational attributes that focus on the learning ability of the child. Wooden toys can help with the understanding of colours, shapes, textures, sizes and much more. The toys also promote problem-solving skills in the children, and creative thinking and decision-making skills. They have been known to also inspire, introduce kids to new objects and teach about utility.

To summarise, wooden toys are more eco-friendly, healthier and sustainable as compared to their plastic counterparts. Though a bit on the expensive side, it's still within the affordable range of the general public and saves costs in the long run. Not all plastic toys are bad, and there are reputed brands which take care of all the standards as a wooden toy does, therefore whenever you are buying toys weigh in on the pros and cons and think about how the toy may serve your need both in the short run and the long run.

FAQs: Wooden Toys

Q. What type of wooden toys are available for education?

Ans. The category of toys that promote education in children are pretend and play, explore and learn, wooden puzzles, on the move, open-ended and dance to the music. Other categories revolving around these concepts may be created by different brands but they all promote the same education learning.

Q. How can wooden toys be cleaned?

Ans. Wooden toys can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and soap water. Washing in any other way may cause more damage or cracks in the product. They shouldn't be cleaned with hot water, disinfectant or any kind of acidulated mixer.

Q. What kind of safety standards are followed by the wooden toy products?

Ans. All the products which are specially designed for children are 100% certified and safe according to European, American and international standards. They are also produced in accordance with consumer instructions but safety standards are still taken care of.