With the start of winter break and the approach of Christmas, it is time to get into the holiday mood. Avoid going outside in the cold by remaining indoors and making crafts with your kids. Children may have fun and express their imagination while making Christmas crafts. It's about that time of year again! My kids always look forward to the weeks leading up to Christmas because of the fun we have doing Christmas projects and filling our tree with their handmade ornaments and decorations.

Some simple Christmas projects are suitable for toddlers of all ages and ability levels. What are you going to use to adorn your Christmas tree? You can get your toddlers involved in decorating the Christmas tree with some of the creative ornament ideas out there. Is your family in need of a unique Christmas present this year? Make a snow globe or some other related dessert.

After you've settled on a project, fill your home with the warm glow of Christmas lights to complete the festive atmosphere.

10 best Christmas DIYs for toddlers

1:- Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Do you still have any paper plates left over from the parties you hosted for Halloween and Thanksgiving? Make advantage of them by putting together this vibrant DIY project. Paint the dish green and decorate it with colorful pom poms to create an approximation of a Christmas tree.

This craft has a wide variety of potential decorative applications. A hole puncher can be used to create a slit in the cap. Then, string it up in a window or, if you have a sufficiently large tree, on it. Gluing the finished Christmas tree into a huge sheet of construction paper is another attractive display option. Following that, the youngsters are free to use the tree as a template to create anything they choose, whether it is presents or snowflakes. If you want to get fancier, you can make it appear like a comical ugly sweater shirt by cutting the construction paper into the shape of a shirt and gluing the Christmas tree plate on top.

2:- Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

Your children are going to have a great time participating in this activity, and they are going to love bragging to friends and family about Christmas crafts for toddlers that they created the wrapping paper that was used for the present. If your children are still quite small, you should make the potato stamp yourself and then give them the responsibility of stamping the potatoes.

Split an extra-large white potato in half lengthwise using a sharp knife (Image 1). Using a metal cookie cutter, firmly press into one side of a potato (Image 2). Then, remove half an inch of potato from within the cookie cutter by cutting around the cookie shape (Image 3). First, remove the cookie cutter from the potato, and then carefully peel away the potato slice you cut around the cutter (Image 4). Your stamp is now complete and ready for use.

3:- Reindeer Food

Are your children keeping track of the number of days till Santa comes? In addition to the usual milk and cookies, you might want to try laying out some food for the reindeer. This simple recipe for reindeer food is a fun and easy activity that you and your children can prepare together.

Make a tag by copying the poem and writing it out by hand or printing it out. Wrap the tag around the bag and your kiddo has a cute present to hand out on Christmas Eve or keep for later use. Sprinkle this magical reindeer food on the snow or your grass after you've set out milk and cookies for Santa. However, you shouldn't put any trust in the sparkling appearance of this concoction, because it's not safe for eating. The kids laid out milk and cookies for Santa, but they also made sure to leave some for the reindeer.

4:- Mini Christmas Tree with decorations.

I adore how colorful, contemporary, and unconventional the appearance of these Christmas Trees is. Get started on this adorable Christmas tree activity as soon as possible by gathering some straws, twine, and whatever else you might have in your art box.

Separate the two yogurt containers into the cap, the body, and the base. Make a cone out of the yogurt bottle's opening (see image). Attach this to the top of the assembled yogurt container. Construct a christmas dress for toddlers second, smaller cone, and adhere it on top of the first. You don't have to use the second cone form. Place a dab of hot glue on the folded end of the straw and adhere it to the yogurt bottle using the stick.

5:- Ribbon Christmas Tree

A really easy activity that you can use to teach your child how to tie knots and will not take up much of your time. You can construct this Christmas tree ornament by locating some branches and then wrapping them with either green or red ribbon. They also make a lovely gift. If you've gone to the bother of producing stunning homemade Christmas gifts, you're going to adore our customized Christmas Card Packs since they bring an extra touch of love to your thoughtful gifts.

Using silk ribbons, your Christmas trees may be decorated any way you choose! At night, it may be made to sparkle with the help of battery-operated fairy lights. Cones of varying sizes made of Styrofoam may be purchased to create a whole forest's worth of trees. To make the ribbons work, you need to alter their length. It's recommended that the ribbons be trimmed to a length of 2.5 inches. The parts may be glued together at the ends using a hot glue gun. Starting at the bottom, glue the ribbon pieces onto the cone in a spiraling motion. Construct six stacked ribbon loops.

6:- Angel Light

Your child may build and play with these angel lights without fear of injury because they are so pleasant and safe. Simply paint the exterior of the plastic cup with the LED tea lights, and then have fun playing with how the light shines through your angels. If you want your mantle to have a more country feel, have your children help you make these angels. If you are just starting in crafts, you may build the head and wings out of paper or felt. Papier Mache is an option for those with more experience in the crafting world.

The heat gun is the best tool for the job. The paper will peel right off with only a simple wave of the hand, as the adhesive will weaken. After a little sanding, the parts are finally ready for assembly. Avoid the desire to smooth off the edges with the sander; I wanted a well-defined edge because this is backlit and has to provide crisp shadow lines.

7:- Christmas Tree Window Decorations

Create some holiday window decorations in the form of Christmas trees, angels, or candy canes, then hang them up. Have your youngster cover a sheet of clear contact with another sheet of clear contact once they have finished sticking colored pieces of tissue paper onto the clear contact.

8:- Building Block Ornament

If your children like playing with building blocks, you might want to consider having them construct Christmas decorations out of them. Include a photo in the center and write the current date on the reverse of the card so that you may refer to it in the years to come.

9:- Cinnamon Ornaments

These decorations may give the impression of being delicious gingerbread cookies, but they are made with applesauce, cinnamon, and glue. Use cookie cutters to form entertaining shapes, then embellish them with glitter and beads. It is important to keep in mind that a smaller toddler's christmas dress needs wear, who run the risk of swallowing the craft supplies, should not participate in this activity.

10:- 3D Snowflake

Teaching your children about symmetry and forms may be accomplished by having them make snowflakes together. If you want to create snowflakes that hang from the ceiling in three dimensions, try doubling them up on the paper before cutting them out, and then glue the three snowflakes together.


Thanks to your newfound knowledge of simple Christmas crafts for kids, your house will soon be brimming with artistic expression. Combine the handmade decorations with some special keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

A great time-saving tip is to use our custom-made Christmas stockings and gigantic Santa sacks to wrap presents this year. They may also serve as a place to keep your holiday ornaments safe and out of the way. Isn't it incredible? Furthermore, it's useful!

FAQs: Christmas DIYs For Toddlers

Q. What does toddler mean?

Ans. There is some variation in the definition of "toddler," but generally speaking, it refers to a kid between the ages of 12 and 36 months. Cognitive, emotional, and social growth occur rapidly throughout the toddler years. The root of the phrase is "to walk unsteadily," which describes the gait of a youngster at this age well.

Q. Is a 3-year-old a toddler or preschooler?

Ans. Preschoolers (3-5 years old) and Toddlers (2-3 years of age)

Q. What age is a child no longer a toddler?

Ans. Children between the ages of one and three are classified as toddlers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some people believe that once your kid reaches their first birthday, they are instantly considered a toddler.

Q. Which Christmas dress is best for toddlers?

Ans. It might be tricky to pull off the traditional Christmas color scheme of red and green without coming out as an elf or a tree. If you're looking for a more versatile and beautiful Christmas dress, consider white, silver, and gold, all of which may be easily matched to your skin tone.

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