Unique And Innovative Stationery Items For Kids

By: Tradeindia

Magic Color-Changing Pens

These pens change color when you draw or write with them, adding an element of surprise and creativity to artwork and writing projects.

Erasable Highlighter

Unlike traditional highlighters, these highlighters feature erasable ink, allowing kids to highlight and annotate without worrying about making mistakes.

3D Printing Pen

With a 3D printing pen, kids can bring their drawings to life by creating three-dimensional sculptures and structures out of colorful filament.

Sketch Art Set

hese sets include scratch-off paper and a stylus, allowing kids to create colorful artwork by revealing vibrant colors beneath a black surface.

Light-Up Gel Pen

These gel pens feature built-in LED lights that illuminate the writing or drawing surface, making it easier for kids to see what they're working on in low-light conditions.

Dry-Erase Board

These portable boards feature a magnetic surface and come with magnetic letters, numbers, and shapes, providing endless opportunities for learning and creative expression.

Watercolor Brush Pen

These pens feature a brush tip and water-based ink, making them ideal for creating watercolor effects without the mess of traditional watercolor paints.