Top Quality Cricket Equipment for Every Player

By: Tradeindia


A wooden bat, traditionally made of willow, used by batsmen to hit the ball. It has a flat front and a V-shaped back, optimized for both power and control in shots.


A hard, leather-covered ball, with a circumference of 22.9 cm. The ball's core is made of cork and string, providing the necessary hardness and bounce for play.


A protective headgear worn by batsmen and close fielders to guard against head injuries from fast deliveries. It features a hard outer shell and a face guard.


Leg guards worn by batsmen and wicketkeepers to protect their legs from being hit by the ball. Made of lightweight materials, they offer mobility and protection.


Worn by batsmen and wicketkeepers, these gloves provide protection and grip. Batsmen's gloves have padded fingers and palms, while wicketkeepers' gloves have webbing for catching.


Three vertical posts staked into the ground to form the wicket. They support two bails and are a target for the bowler to aim at.


Two small wooden pieces that sit on top of the stumps. They dislodge when the wicket is hit, indicating the batsman is out.

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