Top 8 Sweets & Fruits For Chhath Puja 2023

By: Tradeindia


A traditional Chhath Puja sweet, Thekua is a deep-fried wheat flour cookie mixed with jaggery and flavored with coconut, cardamom, and fennel seeds.

Gur Ke Laddu

Sweetened with jaggery, these laddus are made from roasted gram flour, mixed with nuts and ghee, creating a delectable treat for Chhath Puja.


A rice pudding enriched with milk, sugar, and garnished with nuts, Kheer symbolizes prosperity and is a beloved sweet during this auspicious festival.

Coconut Barfi

Made from grated coconut and condensed milk, Coconut Barfi is a rich and flavorful dessert that adds a touch of sweetness to Chhath Puja celebrations.


Deep-fried pancakes soaked in sugar syrup, Malpua is a popular Chhath Puja sweet that is often served with rabri, enhancing its taste and richness.

Khajur Roll

A healthy sweet option, Khajur Rolls are made by stuffing dates with a mixture of nuts, ghee, and sometimes khoya, providing a burst of energy.

Bael Juice

Bael is considered sacred, and its juice is a refreshing and nutritious addition to Chhath Puja celebrations, offering a natural way to stay hydrated.


This humble fruit holds significance during Chhath Puja, symbolizing fertility and prosperity. Offer bananas as a simple yet auspicious offering during the rituals.

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