Top 5 Types of Cranes Used in Construction Industry


They are versatile and can move quickly from one location to another. They have a telescopic boom that can be extended to reach high heights and carry heavy loads.

1. Mobile Cranes

Tower cranes are used for construction projects that require heavy lifting. They are assembled on-site and have a long horizontal jib that can rotate 360 degrees.

2. Tower Cranes

These cranes are designed to operate on rough and uneven surfaces. They have large wheels that can move over obstacles quickly. 

3. Rough Terrain Cranes

Crawler cranes are heavy-duty cranes that are mounted on tracks. They operate on soft ground and can lift heavy loads,  used in constructing bridges and large buildings.

4. Crawler Cranes

Gantry cranes are used for lifting heavy loads in shipyards and ports. They have a bridge supported by two legs that can move along rails. They are commonly used for loading and unloading cargo ships.

5. Gantry Cranes