Best Exercise That Can Increase Your Height

By: Tradeindia

Jumping Exercise

Incorporate activities like skipping, jumping jacks, or vertical jumps to stimulate growth hormones and improve bone density.


Engage in regular swimming sessions to stretch out your body and promote spinal decompression, aiding in height gain.


Focus on exercises that elongate the spine and improve posture, such as the Hundred or Roll Up, to maximize height potential.

Cobra Stretch

Lie face down and lift your upper body, arching your back to stretch the spine and promote growth.

Hanging Exercises

Hang from a bar or use inversion equipment to decompress the spine and lengthen the body.


Practice poses like the Downward Dog, Cat-Cow, and Cobra to stretch and lengthen the spine for height enhancement.

Toe Touches

Stand straight and bend forward to touch your toes, stretching the spine and promoting growth.

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