Best 7 Water Coolers To Beat Summer 2023


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3 temperature settings, 14-liter storage capacity, and LED indicators.

1. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA  water cooler

3 temperature settings, 3-stage purification, and compact size.

2. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T  water cooler

3 temperature settings, 10-liter storage capacity, and child lock feature.

3. Usha AquaGenie water cooler

Normal and cold water dispensing, durable ABS plastic body, and removable drip tray.

4. Atlantis Blue Normal and Cold Water Dispenser

2 temperature settings, food-grade plastic body, and anti-bacterial protection.

5. Cello Oasis water cooler

3 temperature settings, UV LED sterilization, and 4-stage RO filtration.

6. LG WAW73JRPT0 water cooler

3 temperature settings, 15-liter storage capacity, and adjustable thermostat control.

7. Havells AQUA PLUS water cooler

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