9 Trending Sunglasses For Summer 2024

By: Tradeindia

Retro Round Frames

Embrace vintage vibes with round sunglasses, perfect for a timeless look. Their sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Mirrored Aviators

Reflective lenses offer both style and functionality, shielding your eyes while making a bold fashion statement.

Cat-Eye Shades

 Channel your inner glam with cat-eye sunglasses, featuring upswept frames for a chic and playful aesthetic.

Sporty Wraparounds

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, wraparound sunglasses provide maximum coverage and durability for active pursuits like hiking or cycling.

Oversized Square Frames

Make a statement with oversized square sunglasses, exuding glamour and modernity.

Wayfarer Classics

Timeless and versatile, wayfarer sunglasses offer a cool, laid-back vibe suitable for any occasion, from beach days to city strolls.

Butterfly Sunglasses

Flaunt feminine flair with butterfly-shaped frames, featuring bold contours and delicate details for a graceful summer style.

Rimless Innovations

Sleek and minimalist, rimless sunglasses offer a contemporary edge, combining lightweight design with maximum visibility for a fashion-forward look.