8 Luxury Furniture Items to Elevate Your Home Decor

By: Tradeindia

Mid-Century Sofa

A sleek, timeless piece that adds sophistication and comfort. Its clean lines and classic design make it a focal point.

Statement Coffee Table

Opt for a unique, artistic coffee table that complements your style.

Velvet Accent Chairs

Luxurious and cozy, velvet chairs in bold colors or soft pastels create a chic atmosphere while offering extra seating.

Live Edge Dining Table

Incorporate nature into your space with a live edge table. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, bringing rustic charm and character.

Floating Wall Shelves

Maximize space and display decor elegantly with floating shelves.

Antique Mirrors

Vintage mirrors with ornate frames add depth and charm.

Cane Furniture

This trend is back in 2023. Cane chairs or side tables introduce texture and a touch of boho chic to your decor.