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Indian spices :

India is the largest producer of spices in the entire World. India produced 1,051,000 tonne of spices in the year of 2010 and 5.9 million tonnes (mt) in 2012-13.

Most popular spices of India: Indian spices can be categorize into major and minor spices according to their quantity of production. List of major India spices includes, pepper,cardamom, ginger, turmeric, chilies where as minor spices of India includes Garlic, aniseed, caraway, dill seeds,saffron, celery,coriander, cumin, dill seed, onion, vanilla, fennel, fenugreek etc.

Brands of spices:

Some of the popular Indian Spices Brands that you will commonly found in Indian market includes MDH, MTR, Everest, Catch, mother's recipe,Priya, Pradeep Masale, ITC, DS Group. There are many more local and regional brands that sell processed and packaged spices.

Indian states famous for spices:

  • Kerala, the spice graden of India: Produces pepper,cardamom(small), ginger, turmeric, cloves,vanilla, nutmeg and mace,cinnamon and cassia and Cambodge.

  • Karnataka, produces: pepper,cardamom(small), ginger, turmeric,chilli,cloves, nutmeg and mace,vanilla, Garlic, Kokam and Cambodge.

  • Tamil Nadu pepper,cardamom(small), ginger, turmeric,chilli, cloves, nutmeg and mace,cinnamon and cassia, vanilla, pomegranate seeds, herbal and exotic spices and Cambodge.

  • Uttar Pradesh Turmeric,chilli, Coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, celery, aniseed, Garlic and mustard.

West Bengal ,Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajastanare some of the other states famous for their spices.

Export of Indian Spices:

According to the Spices board India ,India exported a total of 7,26,613 tons of spices and spice products valued Rs.12112.76 Crore during 2012-2013. Major destination of Indian spices export includes USA, European Union, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan and the Middle East.

Factors to keep in mind while importing spices from India:

The quality of spices is the most important factor to keep in mind while importing spices. The quality is crucial because spices are being used in eatables which can harm the health of the consumer. Some of the reasons for the contamination of spices includes:

Attacks of microorganism and pest: The spices should be carefully handled and protected from the attack of pests and microorganisms that may effect the quality of the spices.

Addition of foreign substances: Make sure that foreign substances are dust, small particle of waste materials, unwanted substances don't get added into the spices. A recent news story presented by CNN stated that rat hairs and other harmful substances are being found in India spices.

Packaging: Packaging should be perfect and completely hygienic. Make sure there is no extra moisture in the product, the packaging is proper and product is safe inside it.

How to select the best supplier for buying spices?

  • Identify your needs: Make a clear list of your requirements.State the quality standard for the products that you will purchase.Whether you want to see some samples before placing the final order or not. If yes, then will you pay for the samples or you want it for free.
  • Make the list of suppliers: Go through several B2B portals,yellow pages and other sources of supplier listing. List out the suppliers whom you will contact for the quotations.
  • Ask for quotations : Pricing is always a matter of concern, so try to select the suppliers offering the best price.
  • Check the supplier's credibility: Try to check the credibility of the supplier. Collect information about the supplier's company. Go through the company's website, check the client list and gather all the available information.
  • Check the quality: Be sure about the quality of the spices that you are going to order. Ask for samples and check the quality.
  • Ask for packaging details: As spices are packaging sensitive and excess moisture can reduce the quality,always ask for the packaging details. Make sure that the packaging offered by the supplier is up to the mark.
  • Time of delivery: Check whether the particular supplier will be able to deliver the product at the time of your requirement or not. Minimum or justified delivery time ensures that the supplier is serious about your business.

The above mention points will ensure that you are dealing with the best suiting supplier.

Spices are not only a specialty of India but also a source of revenue and employment for various Indians. India is the leader of spices and known for offering unique and high variety spices.

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