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Mr. Shabbir Y Makda
Year Established2000
Products ImportingGranite, plain particle board, agarbatti bamboo stick, incense stick, colored incense sticks, raw incense stick, natural incense sticks, bamboo sticks, glue board, cockroach killer bait, rat trap glue board, ferrite magnets, stainless steel nut, neodymium magnets, safety jacket, ladies wallets, travel wallet, pen holder, fly catcher ribbon, mosquito repellent, carbide drill bit, stone cutting wheel, snap hook, concrete nail, safety helmets, industrial products, magnets, paint roller, cpvc fittings, pest control products, mouse trap glue board, genuine leather goods, industrial safety products, wood products, fasteners, cutting tools, diamond drill bits, drywall screw, plastic products, plastic mesh, fly ribbon, polo t shirt, round neck t shirt, acrylic tissue box, plastic tray, playing cards, mdf sheet, plywood, shuttering plywood, block board, beach umbrella, umbrella base, 12 inch round bamboo sticks, 12 inch unperfumed agarbatti in orange colour, cpvc elbow, commercial plywood, double side laminated white titanium particle board, knitted pe tubular net, mdf boards, mini rollers, roller handles, mosquito repellent incense stick, ptfe tape white, ptfe tape yellow, roller set, roller and cage handles, stained glass, super strong glue board, veneer sheets, wooden broom stick, pvc coated broom stick, menu card holders, ptfe tape, plywood boards, diamond wire cutting tools, green prayer beads, pearl prayer beads, paint brushes, necklace set, red and white pearl set, fashion necklace, beaded necklace, silver trays, silver candle stand



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