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Manufacturers Category by Alphabet- B
Here you will find Indian manufacturers listed under product categories beginning with alphabet "B". You can click on any category or product name to view detailed profiles of Indian manufacturers, product information and send business inquiries as per your requirement.

Manufacturer Categories

BOPP Films BPO Services Baby & Infant Products Bactericides
Badges & Emblems Badminton Bag Closing Machinery Bag Making Machinery
Bags & Cases Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage Material Bakery Equipment
Ball Ball & Roller Bearings / Bushes Ball Valves Ballast Making Machines
Balloon Advertising Services Balloons Bamboo & Rattan Products Bamboo Furniture
Banking Automation Products Banking Services Banner Advertising Services Bar Accessories
Bar Coded Stickers & Equipment Base Metals & Articles Thereof Base Oils Baseball
Basketball & Volleyball Basketry Bath Fittings Bath Mats
Bath Products Bath Rugs Bath Towels Bathrobe
Bathroom & Toilet Accessories/Fittings Bathroom Furniture Bathroom Interior Design Batteries
Battery & Industrial Batteries Battery And Battery Management Systems Beachwear Beaded Jewelry
Beads Bean Products Beans Bearings
Bearings & Its Hardware Beauty Equipment Beauty Products Beauty Products Agents
Bed Linen Bed Sheets & Covers Bedding Set Bedroom Furniture
Bedspreads Bellows & Expansion Joints Belt Pulleys Belts & Accessories
Bending Machines Bentonite Products Benzene & Ramification Beverages
Bicycle Helmets Bicycle Pedals Bicycle Seats Bicycle Tires & Tubes
Bicycle Wheel Bicycles Bicycles, Components & Spares Bike Carrier Services
Billiards Binding Systems Bindis Bio-technology Products
Biodegradable Products Biogas Biogas Stoves & Burners Biscuit Making Machinery
Bitumen Blank Records & Tapes Blankets Blend Fabric
Blinds & Curtain Installation Blood Pressure Monitors Blow Moulding Machines Boats & Ships
Body Building & Gym Equipments Boilers, Components & Spares Bolts Bonded Warehouses
Book Publishers Books Booth & Stall Boots
Bottles Bowling Box Making Machinery Boxing
Bracelets & Bangles Braiding Machinery Brakes Brass Anchors
Brass Auto Parts Brass Builders Hardware Brass Cable Gland Brass Components
Brass Electrical & Electronic Components Brass Extruded Rod Brass Fasteners Brass Fittings
Brass Forged Components Brass Furniture Fitting Parts Brass Hardware & Components Brass Hinges
Brass Inserts Brass Nuts & Bolts Brass Pipe Fittings Brass Pipes & Tubes
Brass Pneumatic Fittings Brass Rivets Brass Scrap Brass Screws
Brass Stove Parts Brass Terminals Brass Transformer Parts Brass Turned Components
Brass Turning Parts Brass Valves Brassware & Brass Handicrafts Breast Care Products
Brick Making Machinery Bricks Bridal Wear Bright Bars
Briquettes Making Machines Briquetting Plants Bristles Brochure Advertising Services
Broker / Agent Brokerage, Intermediary Service Bronze Bucket Elevator
Buckles Builders & Construction Hardware Building Facilities Building & Construction Material & Supplies
Building Ceramic Building Coating Building Contractor Building Glass
Building Lifting & Shifting Services Building Metallic Materials Building Plastic Bulbs & Tubes
Bulk Drug Intermediates Bulk Drugs Bulletproof Bullion-Gold & Silver
Burglarproof Burners/Industrial Burners & Incinerators Bus Body Parts & Spares Bus Rental Services
Bus Shelter Bus Travel Agents Business Centre Butterfly Valves
Buttons Buying Agents


Manufacturers Products by Alphabet
          Breeches           Breeze coke           Bresle test kit           Brewers yeast powder
          Brick bolster           Brick chimney           Brick covers           Brick crusher machine
          Brick cutting machine           Brick lifter           Brick machine           Brick making machines
          Brick moulding machine           Brick oven           Brick tiles           Bricks
          Bridal bangles           Bridal bed cover           Bridal bindi           Bridal bouquets
          Bridal case           Bridal crown           Bridal dress           Bridal dresses
          Bridal earring           Bridal fabrics           Bridal footwear           Bridal georgette sarees
          Bridal gloves           Bridal gold earrings           Bridal gold necklace           Bridal gown
          Bridal hair pins           Bridal handbags           Bridal jewellery           Bridal jewelry
          Bridal lace           Bridal lehenga           Bridal lehenga choli           Bridal lingerie
          Bridal necklace           Bridal necklace set           Bridal net sarees           Bridal purses
          Bridal salwar kameez           Bridal sandals           Bridal sarees           Bridal sets
          Bridal shawls           Bridal shoes           Bridal silk sarees           Bridal suits
          Bridal veils           Bridal wear           Bridal wedding dresses           Bridal wedding lehenga
          Bridal zari work sarees           Bride dress           Bridesmaid dresses           Bridge bearings
          Bridge cranes           Bridge cutting machine           Bridge expansion joints           Bridge fittings
          Bridge guardrail           Bridge pin           Bridge plug           Bridge rectifier
          Bridge saw machine           Brie cheese           Briefcase           Bright bar machine
          Bright bars           Bright nickel plating           Bright shafting bars           Bright steel flat bars
          Bright steel round bar           Brightening chemicals           Brightness tester           Brim hat
          Brimonidine tartrate           Brine chilling plants           Brine shrimp eggs           Brine tanks
          Brinell hardness testers           Brinell hardness testing machine           Brinjal           Brinjal seeds
          Briolette beads           Briquette coal           Briquette machine           Briquette press machine
          Briquettes           Briquettes making machines           Briquetting machines           Briquetting plants
          Briquetting press           Bristle brush           Bristle coir fiber           Bristle hair brush
          Bristle shaving brush           Bristles           Bristles brushes           Broach
          Broach cutter           Broaching fixtures           Broaching machines           Broaching oil
          Broaching tool           Broad bean           Broad border sarees           Broad line marker
          Broadband amplifier           Broadband cables           Broadband modem           Broadband router
          Broadcast antenna           Brocade designer suit           Brocade fabrics           Brocade jackets
          Brocade lehenga           Broccoli           Broccoli seeds           Brochure advertising
          Brochure advertising agency           Brochure advertising company           Brochure design           Brochure design services
          Brochure designing           Brochure holders           Brochure photography           Brochure printing
          Brochure printing services           Brochure rack           Brochure stands           Brochures
          Broiler chicks           Broiler concentrate           Broiler concentrate feed           Broiler drinker
          Broiler feed           Broiler pan           Broken bag detector           Broken biscuit grinder
          Broken parboiled rice           Broken rice           Broken wheat           Bromadiolone
          Bromhexine hcl           Bromhexine syrup           Bromine           Bromine compounds
          Bromo anisole           Bromoacetic acid           Bromobenzene           Bromothymol blue
          Brompheniramine maleate           Bronners acid           Bronopol           Bronze
          Bronze ball valves           Bronze beads           Bronze bearings           Bronze bell
          Bronze bolts           Bronze bushes           Bronze castings           Bronze crafts
          Bronze dinner set           Bronze fasteners           Bronze ferrules           Bronze fiber
          Bronze flange           Bronze forged components           Bronze gate valves           Bronze handicraft
          Bronze idols           Bronze ingot           Bronze knobs           Bronze krishna statue
          Bronze lamp           Bronze medal           Bronze mirror           Bronze pipe fittings
          Bronze plaque           Bronze plate           Bronze powder           Bronze pumps
          Bronze reflective glass           Bronze rings           Bronze rod           Bronze scrap
          Bronze sculpture           Bronze shafts           Bronze sheets           Bronze sink
          Bronze sleeve           Bronze sleeve bearings           Bronze statue           Bronze strainers



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