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In Indian economy, the dominant section is Agriculture, which figures out sustainability and the growth. Still 65 per cent of population depends upon agriculture for employment and livelihood. The production of milk, pulses, jute and jute-like fibres are ranked first in the world and the second are rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruits and cotton production. India is the leading producer of plantation crops, spices, livestock poultry and fisheries.

Agriculture category is impeccable forum of agriculture products for buyers and sellers to preform smooth effective business. You can contact manufacturers through call me free service, send sms and email. Companies listed believes in supplying, manufacturing and exporting best agricultural products to all customers across the world.

Agro Products & Commodities

Agricultural Products

Animal Fodders

Pellet Binder | Groundnut Extraction | Animal Feed | Pig Feed | Bird Feed | Rapeseed Meal

Animal Husbandry

Emu Farming

Animal Products

Animal Hair | Head Collar | Buffalo Horn Plates | Buffalo Horn Scale | Dried Beef Casings | Buffalo Hollow

Aquaculture Equipment & Supplies

Chisel Plough | Pickaxe | Paddle Wheel Aerator | Aquaculture Chemicals | Tea Seed Cake | Helper Bracket

Bamboo & Rattan Products

Bamboo Accessories | Bamboo Panel | Round Bamboo Sticks | Bamboo Sticks | Bamboo Laminated Sheet | Bamboo Charcoal Powder


Speckled Kidney Bean | Organic Bean | Asparagus Bean | Fresh Bean | White Pea Beans | Dried Beans


White Cashew Nuts | Split Cashew Nut | Broken Cashew Nut | Cashew Nut Shell | Flavored Cashew Nuts | Raw Cashew

Cattle Feed Supplements

Sugarcane Bagasse | Rice Husk Ash | Rice Husk Pellet | Feed Barley | Corn Silage | Animal Food


Cereal Flake | Corn Bran | Quinoa Grain | Soya Flakes | Rapeseed Lecithin | Sorghum Flour


One Eye Coconut | Mature Coconut | Husked Coconut | Dry Coconut | Dry Coconut Powder | Semi Husked Coconut

Coconut Shell Products

Coconut Shell Mug | Raw Coconut Shell | Crushed Coconut Shell | Coconut Shell Cup | Coconut Shell Charcoal Powder | Coconut Shell Carbon


Coffee Capsules | Chicory Powder | Agglomerated Instant Coffee | Espresso Coffee | Coffee Pods | Arabica Coffee Beans

Coir Blocks

Coir Sheet

Coir Fiber

Bristle Coir Fiber | Coir Logs

Coir Products

Palm Kernel Shell | Coir Disc | Coir Husk Chips | Coco Peat Products | Coir Pole | Coir Bags

Coir Rope

Curled Coir Rope | Coconut Coir Rope

Emu & Emu Products

Emu Feather | Emu Egg Shells | Emu Farm Chicks | Emu Toe Nails | Emu Birds | Emu Chicks


Quail Eggs | Emu Fertilized Eggs | Fertilized Eggs | Bird Eggs | Hatching Eggs | Fresh Eggs

Farm Machinery

Vibro Destoner | Cotton Seed Dryer | Dehusking Machine | Baling Machine

Farm Machinery Parts

Thresher Blade | Rice Dehusking Rubber Rolls | Egg Laying Machine | Bee Smoker | Aggregate Hopper | Harvester Parts

Fodder & Feed Additives

L Lysine Hcl | Calcium Butyrate | Sodium Selenite | Rapeseed | Birdsfoot Trefoil | Feed Ingredients

Fresh Fruit

Seb Fruit | Apple Fruit | Aegle Marmelos | Jamun | Sugarcane | Organic Fruits

Frozen & Dried Fruit

Dry Dates | Anardana Powder | Wet Dates | Dry Grapes | Dried Fig | Dehydrated Fruits


Amaranth Flour | Red Millet | Foxtail Millet | Corn Cob Grits | Corn Cob | Multigrain Flour

Greenhouse Supplies & Equipment

Agricultural Greenhouse | Hydroponic System | Greenhouse Net | Polyhouse | Mulching Sheets | Mist Chamber

Guar Gum

Guar Gum Powder | Cationic Guar Gum | Guar Churi | Guar Splits | Gum Powder | Tragacanth Gum

Horticulture & Garden Tools

Weed Cutter | Shrub Master | Gasoline Hedge Trimmer | Watering Equipment | Garden Watering Tools | Hand Sickle

Irrigation Equipment

Drip Tape | Drip Fittings | Inline Dripper | Drip Irrigation Tube | Drip Irrigation Pipes | Rain Gun

Jute Products

Jute Placemat | Jute Hessian | Gunny Cloth | Jute Folders | Jute Fiber | Jute Netting


Livestock Equipment | Greasy Wool | Raw Wool


Organic Molasses | Organic Blackstrap Molasses | Sugar Cane Molasses | Dry Molasses | Beet Molasses

Mushroom & Truffle

Dehydrated Mushroom | Dried Oyster Mushroom | Mushroom Slice | Medicinal Mushroom | Ganoderma Mushroom | Dried Mushroom

Nuts & Kernels

Walnut Kernel | Pine Nuts | Malva Nut | Ground Nuts | Bitter Kola | Split Peanuts

Oil Seed Extraction Machinery

Screw Oil Press | Rice Bran Oil Equipment | Oilseed Extraction Plant

Plant & Animal Oil

Pure Emu Oil | Animal Fats Oil | Basil Oil | Pure Sesame Oil | Black Pepper Oil | Plant Oil

Plant Extract

Epimedium Extract | Kidney Bean Extract | Fruit Extract | Guggul Extract | Aloe Extract | Rosemary Extract

Plant Seed


Plant, Flowers & Dried Flowers

Flower Petal | Ayurvedic Plant | Sesame | Natural Flowers | Jasmine Flower | Gerbera Plant


Potpourri Oil | Potpourri Raw Materials | Potpourri Pouch | Potpourri In Cello Bag | Potpourri Premixes | Potpourri Sticks

Poultry Equipment

Poultry Farm Chicks | Poultry Drinking System | Poultry Processing Machinery | Poultry Hatchery | Poultry Vaccinator | Poultry Feed Plant

Poultry Feed Supplements

Feed Acidifier | Poultry Growth Promoter | Broiler Growth Promoter | Rice Ddgs | Rice Gluten | De Oiled Cake


Adzuki Beans | Moth Dal | Green Moong | Green Chickpeas | Split Black Gram | Yellow Peas

Raw Cotton & Cotton Waste

Recycled Cotton Fiber | Comber Noil | Cotton Wicks | Non Absorbent Cotton | Kapok Cotton | Cotton Seed Oil Cake


Kolam Rice | Bamboo Rice | Sharbati Rice | Round Rice | Brown Basmati Rice | Sharbati Basmati Rice


Mushroom Seeds | Kalonji Seeds | Guar Gum Seed | Gloriosa Superba Seeds | Chia Seeds | Black Mustard Seeds

Shade Net

Outdoor Shade Net | Crop Covers


Flat Bottom Silo | Galvanized Silos | Milk Silo | Hopper Bottom Silos | Silo Discharger | Silo Dust Collector


Spearmint Tea | Tea Fanning | Tea Sticks | Tea Premix | Green Tea Bags | Peach Tea

Tractor Parts

Stabilizer Chain Assembly | Tractor Cultivator | Tractor Body Parts | Tractor Grader | Adjustable Leveling Arm | Tractor Brake Lining


Farm Tractors | Agricultural Trolley | Massey Tractor | Tractor Driven Harvester | Tow Tractor | Agricultural Tractor Trailer


Milling Wheat | Red Winter Wheat | Puffed Wheat | Broken Wheat | Durum Wheat | Wheat Grain


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Agricultural Products Manufacturers

Agriculture cherishes a significant history in the development of civilization. It is one of the vital elements of growth and development of any nation. Mentioned is the comprehensive database of Indian manufacturers from the agriculture industry. Keeping in mind the ease of the buyers, all the companies are well classified into various sub categories so that buyers can deal with the most appropriate option available.

Agriculture category of manufacturers section includes all-inclusive comprehensive range of agricultural products and equipments. Product profiles of listed companies includes coconut oil, Indian yellow maize, guar gum powder, oil seed extraction, plant seed and more. Here you will find trusted companies which provides quality product, competitive rates and customer satisfaction.