Advance Metallised Plastic Film Capacitors
Advance Metallised Plastic Film Capacitors

Description/ Specification of Advance Metallised Plastic Film Capacitors
We are the manufacturers of Advance Metallised Plastic Film Capacitors, Polycarbonate, PPS and Polypropylene Capacitors with ISO 9001:2008 certification. These come in Axial Wrap and Radial Styles (including 7.5mm & 5mm pitch miniature).
We also manufacture special import substitution Capacitors such as Commutation, Feed Through, IGBT Snubbers, Traction, Interference suppression and RC networks etc.
Our Product Range:
Metalized Polyester Capacitors - Axial/Radial box /Dip type - 0.001µF to 20µF, 63V to 1000Vdc
Higher Voltage and Capacitance on request
Metalized Polycarbonate Capacitors - Axial/Radial type - 0.01µF to 10µF 63V to 630Vdc
Metalized Polyphenylene Sulphide Capacitors - Axial/Radial - 0.047µF to 10µF, 63V to 400Vdc
Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors - Axial/Radial /Dip type - 0.001µF to 20µF 63V to 2000Vdc
Can / Metal Box type - 1µF to 100µF 63V to 250Vac
1µF to 60µF 440Vac & 1µF to 25µF 600Vac Higher Voltage and Capacitance on request
Interference Supression Capacitors- Axial/Radial type - X2 type 0.1µF to 1µF 250Vac & 440Vac
DC Link Capacitors - 50µF, 60µF, 66µF & 140µF, 800V and 1000Vdc
IGBT Snubber Capacitors - 0.22µF to 1µF, 1000V to 2000Vdc, 480V to 750Vac
Broad Brand EMI Noise Filters (Feed through PI section) - upto 200A
RFI Noise Filters upto 200A

Sample Availability : Yes
Quality Process Certifications : ISO 9001:2008

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